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With God, all things are possible.'
Matthew 19:26

Home Learning during the COVID-19 pandemic Learning tasks will be set for your child using Showbie. All children, from year 1 up, have log- ins for Showbie in their homework diary. EYFS are using Tapestry. If you have any problems with access, please contact the school office.

Meet The Staff Team

Marden Vale Staff Team

Headteacher:                            Alison Emmerson

Deputy Headteacher:              Alix Jepps

SENCo:                                       Elaine Stone


Office Staff:

School Business Manager:     Vikki Hamer

Finance Officer & Admin:       Caroline Roberts

Admin Officer:                          Sarah Slater

Admin Officer:                         Charis Dade



Reception Teacher:                 Valetta Weare

Year 1 Teachers:                      Juliet Maggs and Elizabeth Robinson

Year 2 Teacher:                        Sarah Ponsford and Zoe Cutler (Friday)

Year 3 & 4 Teacher:                 Leizl Berry

Year 3 & 4 Teacher:                 Lindsay Storrar

Year 3 & 4 Teachers:               Susanna Southgate and Hannah Tomlinson

Year 5 Teacher:                        Toby Nightingale

Year 5 & 6 Teacher:                 Chris Tye - Temporary

Year 6 Teacher:                        Nikoletta Olvaso


Resource Base Teacher:         Carolyn Bray (Rainbow Room)

Resource Base Teacher:         Tina Weidner (Sunshine Room)


Pastoral Team:                         Angela Mabon, Donna Luker, Claire Gordon

Parent Support Advisor:        Carol Matsushima


Teaching Assistants:

Donna Baylis                           Julia Beaven

Leslie Boyd-Cox                      Jenny Burgess                         

Royah Doherty                       Claire Gordon 

Vivienne Nicholls                   Jane Hopkins                         

Margaret Lodge                     Stephen Mallard                    

Erika Masna                            Lisa Mollart                             

Maria Snowball                      Gemma Eldridge

Leavinia Lovelock                    

Stephanie Storey


Kitchen Team:

Jenny Jeary (School Cook)

Julie Angell (Kitchen Assistant)

Ann-Marie Clark (Kitchen Assistant)


Midday Supervisors:

Mandy Lane

Royah Doherty



Gemma Eldridge

Jane Johnson

Sandra Moore

Sandra Witchell



Martin Dixon