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The Hive

 Who are we?

The Hive is the name for the school resource base. It consists of two classrooms Sunshine Room and Rainbow Room. The children in The Hive all have an Education Health care Plan and follow a specialised curriculum. The ages range across the Base from EYFS to Year 6.

We are lucky enough to have a sensory room between the two classrooms and an outside learning area.

We like to get involved in school activities such as assemblies, visitors and trips out.

Staff in the base include two full time teachers, three full time teaching assistants and one part time teaching assistant.  

Summer 2

In a Land Far, Far Away (Continued)

This term we follow on from the previous look at imaginative lands far away to real far away places. Children in Rainbow room are enjoying the story "Handa's Surprise". We have been investigating the exotic fruits mentioned in the book. We made guacamole with avocado and fruit salad with some of the other delicious fruits. We are comparing the African animals in the story to animals we might see in the U.K.


Handa’s Surprise

The older children in the Hive are studying a geography unit on the weather and will look at weather at home and in far away places. 

In a land Far, Far Away

Summer 1

We are starting our topic exploring the book "Where The Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendack.

We will look at places which are far away and how they differ from where we live.

This will also help us understanding about the life of Jesus who lived in a land and time far away from our experiences.



Writing and art from Where the Wild Things are.

Dig, Dig, Dig

Spring 2

The topic for Spring 2021 includes time when some pupils are learning at home and later when all are back in class.

The topic Dig, Dig, Dig allows us to explore what the earth is like under our feet.

What is soil? Who lives underground? How do plants grow and what do they need? As well as investigating the natural world we are looking at why we dig up the soil. Going to look from a safe distance at the building sites around the corner from our school and find out what jobs need doing when new houses are being built.

"All Aboard" January 2021

This term our topic is "All Aboard" where we are focusing on different forms of transport. We have created a mini book based on "My Car" by Byron Barton, looked at the differences between vehicles on land water or air. This has led to science investigations linked to forces and floating.

We have painted pictures of cars and made a collage of a hot air balloon. We are also going to investigate travel into space!

Term 3 coverage (revised due to lockdown)

Last terms learning (October -December 2020)

"Something to celebrate"

The Hive children really enjoyed our topic in which we focused on celebrations including Bonfire night, Diwali, Birthdays, Carnival and of course Christmas. This culminated in our first ever Hive Nativity show. Sadly being 2020 we were unable to invite parents to be our audience. However we filmed it and sent parents a copy. We were so impressed at how the children learnt the songs and performed.

Making a clay diva

Completing a Rangoli Pattern

The Hive Nativity

January 2021

There is really good access to online goodies:


This ‘picture a day’ website has been great for creative writing each day offering different challenges from diary entries to sentence challenges. The kids also love sneaking a look at the next day’s picture.

Nat Geo Kids

Kids love animals and they would probably spend all day here if they could. A mix of games, quizzes, videos and free downloadable resources which is perfect for keeping active minds busy.

British Museum

Worth finding a desktop computer to explore the collection in a beautiful interactive and engaging way. The kids enjoy playing it like a musical instrument and seeing how far back in time they could go.


A bit of a saviour for parents this one with free resources available and a subscription available to access further content. The beauty of this website is you needn’t trawl the internet for hours, everything you need for lesson planning is right here.

Tate Kids

Inspiration to get creative but with a nod to styles of famous artists. You can find quizzes, craft activities, videos and art history, easy to find information and easy to use. Our first activity from here was to create Andy Warhol inspired selfies!

 Harper Collins

It’s so much easier to engage children when the learning involves characters from stories they know and Harper Collins offers a wide range of free downloadable resources inspired by some of your favourite books.

BBC Supermovers

Join the Super Movement! Keep your children active whilst learning with curriculum based song and dance routines. Such great fun, I had to join in with the routine about commas, dashes and brackets - the song was stuck in my head all evening.

Cosmic Kids

Wow, this yoga needs to be part of your day! Engaging, bright and colourful with a great narrative, follow Moana on her adventures or become a Jedi Knight – just make sure you have enough space for the imaginary lightsabers.

BBC Good Food

Get messy in the kitchen and get together to cook some tasty treats. Use items from your cupboard to make yummy iced biscuits, or add the ingredients to your shopping list and get the kids to cook tea (fajitas are a winner in our house!).

08.01.21 Our topic this term

Here's a really helpful leaflet which helps explain an intervention called Lego Therapy. We use it to support aspects of speech and language aquisition with our pupils.

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