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Winston Churchill - Year 6




We are a Year 6 class.

Our teacher is Mrs O, our TAs are Mrs Lodge and Mrs Gordon.

Who was Winston Churchill?

Term 6


Our value this term:



We are studying the book


Wonder by RJ Palacio. We will be using this text to help us write a variety of genres including an explanation text, a narrative (Julian Chapter) and a formal letter. 
In our SPaG sessions, we are consolidating our learning as we are preparing for our final primary assessment. 



We are focussing on a variety of reading skills using different fiction, non-fiction, poetry, classic texts. 
We are continuing to read The Curse of the Maya. 



We are practising how to solve different reasoning and problem solving tasks for our final Maths assessment. For the last few weeks, we are taking part in a maths enterprise project as well as completing our Maths secondary transition booklets - ready for year 7!




This term, we shall be exploring different habitats and different ways to classify a variety of animals.  We shall also be looking at how micro-organisms can spread and how to protect against harmful ones.


Geography- What is a River?


This is our key question for the term.  We shall be exploring how rivers change their course from source to mouth and  why they are important parts of the water cycle.


Look at our amazing project about the journey of a river.

 We very much enjoyed creating our models as well as learning new vocabulary - from source to mouth. 





Harry has chosen to design a 2-D model.



We shall be exploring the Hindu belief of Moksha and how there can be many pathways to reach this special goal.


This term, we are focussing our skills on Athletics ready for the Olympics!



Bridge Building.  We shall be exploring what makes a good bridge and why before creating our very own sturdy bridge!

Do you know who built this bridge?


We were investigating and exploring

the effectiveness of different beam designs.






                     ........................................more weight ..........even more weight .......and.....collapsed.......



Changing me - this term shall be focussing on the emotional and physical changes we experience as we enter puberty.



This term, we are learning a few songs for our leavers’ assembly to say goodbye to our primary years...


Term 5

Our topic this term: 

We were looking forward to coming back to school after the Easter Holiday.


This term, we are exploring places “across the pond”. Do you know where we are going?

For our writing sessions, we are using Shaun  Tan’s famous picture book:





We were celebrating Earth Day. Listen to our favourite song. 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

Still image for this video

During our Science lessons, we are exploring changes and  properties of materials. Look at the experiments we have already tried:


Our value this term:

Our value this term:

Week 6
Michael K.

Finally, we finished our DT project - look at our amazing Maya masks.

Mayan masks

Last week of term! Four square - break time - We have enjoyed the lovely weather before the Easter Holiday.

RE - we were studying the Stations of the Cross.

We have very much enjoyed our writing sessions this week. Look at our amazing non-chronological reports about the Maya.

A massive thank you to M&M Theatrical Productions! 
We have very much enjoyed The Wizard of Oz pantomime this week. 



We have tried the ancient Maya Pok-A-Tok ball game. It was fun!



Look at our Mother's Day card design.

(by Izzy)


Step 1:

Mrs O let us try and use POSCA pens this afternoon so we could design and decorate our pots...Look how busy we have been:







Step 2: We were planting :-)  





Final product 

 Mother's Day gift

 for our amazing

Mums, Nans and carers...










World Book Day

has been a little bit different this year but we have been determined than ever to celebrate a love of books and shared reading - in school and at home.


Dr Mandy Hartley, science communicator and author of The DNA Detectives has invited us for a live session. First, the author read the first chapter of her book, The Stone Age Mystery.  After the story, the children learnt about what DNA is; also, how it could be used to identify suspects by collecting evidence from a crime scene. What’s more, they had the chance to become ‘DNA Detectives’ themselves by helping Mandy solve a World Book Day crime together using their new knowledge and a series of clues. Our UKS2 bubble has helped to catch a thief!





Can you guess what Emi has chosen

for her WBD character this year?


Our topic this term:




We are wondering...


- Where were the Maya from?                         - Who the ancient Maya were?

- Where did they live?                                  - When did they live?                  - Do Maya still exist?                                   - How did the Maya live?

- What did they do for fun?                            - What did the Maya wear?

- Why were they famous for?                           - Why are we studying about them?






We have chosen this book for our class novel for the term:


Term 4 Weekly timetable in Churchill

Addition to our weekly timetable:


Wake and Shake every morning.

Daily Mile every afternoon.

Five-a-day arithmetic (Corbettmaths) after lunch.

99 Club every Friday (timestables).

"Open the Book" assembly every Wednesday.

Mrs O will be reading from our class novel every day.

What a busy week. smiley






What were we doing last term?


Despite the challenges lockdown brought, we had a fantastic term!  

We were learning about the Second World War and why the Battle of Britain was such a significant turning point in British History.

We were also studying about the Holocaust.

Some examples of our wonderful home learning:


Brooke was creating a project about the RAF in WW2:


Emi was creating a project about 'Women in WW2'.


We enjoyed reading these texts in term 3:



Which is your favourite?


BMX workshop with Mike Mullen

Term 2


We are ready for launch!  


While we gained so much knowledge about SPACE,

we have won a boarding pass to...


Martians, here we come... :-) 

The Phases of the Moon - Oreo Project



After long months, finally, the moment arrived... WE ARE ALL BACK :-) 

To start our very first term, we have been completing a range of activities

based on a fantastic picture book by Anthony Browne:


We have been writing diary entries, letters, an alternative story ending and many more...

We have been exploring famous tunnels in Europe and in the whole world.

We have been designing graffiti using our own names...

We have been creating 3D sculptures using clay to form

the main character, Jack, who turned into stone...