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Phonics in Rainbow Room

There is a wide range of ages and abilities in rainbow room so the phonics work is differentiated for your individual child.

The older children are mostly working on Level 3 phonics. They have encountered all the sounds previously and are revising some of the trickier ones (for example “igh” where 3 letters make one sound) They also practice segmenting, which is breaking words into the sounds cat -  c  a   t, and blending which is putting sounds together to read the word,  c   a   t – cat.

Many of the younger children are working at Level 2 phonics. Most of the sounds are made with one letter only. The exceptions are double consonants such as “ll” “ss” and “ff” (hill, kiss, puff) and “ck”

Good websites for games include

Video about how to teach sounds

This site has links to reading books too, although do not take much notice of “age” related questions.

Phoneme pop is a fun game for recognising the sounds (phonemes) they know.

If a game seems too difficult for your child do not push it. Not all of the games are a similar level. 

April 20th Term 5 week 1