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Week 6

Phonics exercises are on Showbie

Phase 2: L and LL

Phase 3 Early: Z and ZZ

Phase 3 Core: "ar" digraph


There are also Tricky words to practice in the phase 2 folder and phase 3 folder

Week 5 February 1st-5th

All phonics videos and activities will now be on Showbie. Please contact me if you are having any problem getting on.

Phase 2- letter and sound "f"

Phase 3 Early group- letter and sound "y"

Phase 3 Core group Vowel digraphs short "oo" as in book, foot

Phase 5 "ew" and "ue"

Week 4 :25th January

Try to do a 20-30 minute session four times through the week. This includes some handwriting practice of the letters that make your sound and words which contain the sound

Phase 2

Letter sound B Please see Showbie for links to a video clip, a game and a worksheet. Other good websites for early phonics include "Little learners" 

Collect objects from around the house which start with the sound

Practice writing the letter on your wipe off board and on paper.

Look out for more resources on Showbie under "Phonics phase 2"

Keep practicing all the sounds you have learnt so far. Check the phase 2 sound map.

Phase 3 Early group

Resources on Showbie for initial letter sound  "W" watch the video and join in making the sounds. You can complete the worksheet using showbie and send to me. 

look for things beginning with W around the house and outside

Practice writing the letter w and words with w in them

Phase 3 Core group

Vowel digraph "oo" as in moon, spoon, room

Look for the activities and video on Showbie.

Put some "oo" words into sentences and write them up. Take a photo of your work and add to Showbie




Week 3 : 18th January 2021

Phase 2 phonics "u" looking at this letter/ sound as an initial sound but also as a middle vowel sound in words like bun, run, hut etc ( Alphablocks The letter U)


Phase 3 phonics continuing with vowel diagraphs "oa" as in boat, goat, coat. Remember to emphasise that 2 letters make one sound.

Watch the above video

"oa | Double Vowels | Word lists | Rhyming Words | Go Phonics 2B Unit 14 | Reader: Joan on a Boat"

Look for the sound in reading books, copy words and put them into simple sentences.

Continue to practice the tricky words too. 

Term 3 January 2021

The children will have some phonic resources in their home pack such as letter/ sound flashcards. Also tricky words cards (words which are not sounded out in the normal way so are learnt by sight recognition)

 Children on phase 1 will have sound cards but if you need help in how to use these please let me know.

Children working on phase 2 are matching letters to sounds and this includes some digraphs, where two letters make the sound. In phase 2 these are ck, ll, ff, ss. They are also learning how to split words into sounds (segmenting)  and to blend sounds into simple words. This is mainly with cvc (consonant, vowel, consonant) words such as " cat" but includes those digraphs so "kiss" still has 3 sounds. Be aware of words with different sounds "wall" is not sounded w- a- ll so check the letters are making the sounds made in the phase learnt. 

Phase 3 extends these skills with extra sounds including digraphs ch, sh, th, qu, ng and vowel digraphs such as "ai".

I will email you with the appropriate level for your child. Please scroll down the page to see the phase 2 and 3 phonic mats with all sounds.



Term 6 Week 1 Phonics

Phonics in Rainbow Room

There is a wide range of ages and abilities in rainbow room so the phonics work is differentiated for your individual child.

The older children are mostly working on Level 3 phonics. They have encountered all the sounds previously and are revising some of the trickier ones (for example “igh” where 3 letters make one sound) They also practice segmenting, which is breaking words into the sounds cat -  c  a   t, and blending which is putting sounds together to read the word,  c   a   t – cat.

Many of the younger children are working at Level 2 phonics. Most of the sounds are made with one letter only. The exceptions are double consonants such as “ll” “ss” and “ff” (hill, kiss, puff) and “ck”

Good websites for games include

Video about how to teach sounds

This site has links to reading books too, although do not take much notice of “age” related questions.

Phoneme pop is a fun game for recognising the sounds (phonemes) they know.

If a game seems too difficult for your child do not push it. Not all of the games are a similar level.