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Tuesday, review and reflect

Suggested Timetable during school closure

Welcome to the Sunshine Class home learning hub. I do hope you are all keeping yourselves safe and well. I've decided to block off each day with a theme that can last the week, so every Wednesday I will be placing the weekly phonics activities online and on Thursdays Maths etc. So keep a lookout for each daily theme with a weekly outlook!! I've placed a timetable here you may want to follow, you'll notice that the afternoons are not included, this is so that you can include any family games and activities you have found to do together. Keep me posted with your feedback at the sunshine or e-mail address you have and all the very best to you all.

Tuesday is a time to reflect on the week.


Think about what's working and what's not.... Why have there been successes and why may you have struggled? Here are a few links below which may help you for the following week they are inspirational sites and people who will help you on this journey and if you have any uploads of your own to share, feel free to... 

Scroll down and this guy has lots of websites he has accessed free and online.  

An alternative to school based activities.

This home schooling mum has some wise words.

I loved the literacy slant on this one!


Stay safe and stay in touch!