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'With God, all things are possible.'Matthew 19:26

Should you have any Safeguarding concerns over the holiday period, please contact MASH on 0300 4560108; Mon - Thurs 8.45am -5pm, Fri 8.45 - 4pm (Out of hours 0300 4560100)


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Reading in Rainbow Room

In school we hear the children read every day. For many this involves staff reading to or with the child. Over this period where the children do not have access to school reading books you may have to find other ways for your child to continue on their reading journey.

  • Watch on line stories, much comprehension work can be done from this. Ask the questions “Who? Where? Why?” to start with.
  • Deeper questioning can make the child think about bigger questions. Would you like to be Cinderella? Why?
  • Involve the family. Other children could read their books to your child or with them. Grandparents could Skype (or over other sharing video calls) reading to your child.
  • Read recipes together show that reading is useful for all sorts of reasons.
  • On line reading / phonic games (see Phonics link)
  • links to school reading books to read free on line
  • Ask family to write simple letters to your child and they can write back
  • Go on a treasure sound hunt around the house. The children are very familiar with “Geraldine the giraffe” who does this (Google either Geraldine or Mr Thorne does phonics) Can you find me 5 things beginning with the sound “p”


April 20th Term 5 week 1 Literacy