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'With God, all things are possible.'Matthew 19:26

Welcome to Term 6 - From the 2nd June we are looking forward to receiving Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils back in school. For those not yet returning to school, home learning tasks will continue to be set using Showbie during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Maths in Rainbow Room

I have set individual targets for Maths. Please email me on for your child’s targets.

At home make maths as fun and practical as you can. Remember Maths is not only number. It includes shape, space, measure and data handling.

Example of activities with their toys

Line up 7 toy cars.

Ordinal numbers

Which car is first/ last/ second/ third?  

Move the red car into the last place.

Counting, Addition and subtraction

How many cars in the line?

Hand over 2 more cars, We have added 2. How many now? (Repeat the action and the vocabulary)

Count the cars. Take 3 cars away. 7 cars take away 3 cars. How many left?

Use maths words like total and subtract as well to reinforce vocabulary.

One to one correspondence and number bonds.

On a large piece of paper draw a car park with 10 parking spots.

You could ask the child to number the spaces or write with highlighter for them to overwrite numbers. (Number formation)

Can all the cars find a space?

How many empty spaces will there be?

If two more cars park how many empty spaces now?

If four cars drive away then how many are still in the car park?


Week 3 Maths 4th May

April 20th Term 5 week 1