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'With God, all things are possible.'Matthew 19:26

Should you have any Safeguarding concerns over the holiday period, please contact MASH on 0300 4560108; Mon - Thurs 8.45am -5pm, Fri 8.45 - 4pm (Out of hours 0300 4560100)


Dear Sunshiners!


This is week 8 and having spoken to parents much of the work to date has not yet been completed so I have decided to take a bit of a break from posting so much work online as we have 6 pupils coming in and the remaining 3 have their workpacks posted to them. So this week I will suggest that you link in to the home learning links of this website to support your children with alternative activities. Also don't forget the Tuesday and Friday fun links for Sunshine class. They're full of practical activities on line and for use outside or creative in the form of art projects and Lego challenges.


Best of luck and I will speak to you all soon,


stay safe!


Tina Weidner

Dear Sunshiners!


I hope you've had a good weekend and remained safe with loved ones over the last few days. I will be calling you all shortly after this is posted online to ask questions about how you feel on your lovely children starting back at school, obviously we are prioritising years R, 1 and 6, however if you feel there is more you need from us we can discuss the option of a phased return of other pupils too. We are currently putting in place as much PPE and safe distancing within school as possible, within the RB this includes; single desks distanced across the class room and playtimes and lunchtimes will not be with anyone else except the RB staff and pupils. We will also have regular; handwashing, desk and equipment sanitisation breaks.


I urge you to look at the whole picture for what's best for your child and you as a family but just wanted you to be assurred that we will try out best to keep your child safe if you wish them to return to school.


Thank you all so much for your good wishes and kind words over the last few weeks. It means such a lot to all of us here that you are all safe and well, and making informed and sensible choices for your children.


Best wishes

Tina Weidner.

Dear Parents and Carers,


For additional support and specific questions relating to homework please use the following email address:


The class teacher will respond between the hours of 8.30am and 4.30pm.


Warm regards

Miss Weidner, Sunshine Class

Dear Sunshiners!


Welcome to week 5, I do hope you have had a good weekend and are keeping up distancing rules to keep yo and your family safe. It was lovely to speak to you all today and as promised I have put together some information regarding Showbie! We've had a few who have been on, well done, but we neew some more followers......


Firstly you must download the Showbie app on to you computer/phone or iPad. This is a really straightforward process but if you have any difficulties please refer to the help videos that have been posted on the school website. Once you have done this Showbie will ask you to login, these details are listed below; (our class code is NY42N but it shouldn't ask you this it should come up as Sunshine class and after you have clicked on the class you can click your name and access the assignments!)


     As an experiment for this week only I have posted 2 assignments to see if you can or have accessed the website and will check this at my next phone contact with you, good luck and let me know how you get on, best wishes, Tina Weidner                            




Luke Hanson



Sky Hanson



Yasin Ali



Seb Trowbridge



Kishaaran Ramanam



Summer White



Tyler Pugh



Matthew Fish



Thomas White



Dear Sunshiners!


I do hope you're all well and keeping safe.


I've been having a few problems with posting work online using Showbie, so I've decided to post a weekly video which I will add demonstrations of expectations as I grow more confident at using this media. I will continue to post wekly work packs online on the school website, we are in week 6 but if you haven't accessed any of the other work or are catching up, please work at a sensible pace. Remember, you don't have to print this work out you can complete it on a piece of paper and if you want me to look at it, get your mum or dad to post what you've done on Showbie.


I'd love to see what you're up to and will be really interested to see any art work, Lego challenges or exciting things you've been doing with your family.


I miss you all and can't wait to see you when it is safe to do so.


Best wishes,


Tina Weidner

Everyone can have a go at this one!