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Welcome to Marden Vale. We hope you enjoy exploring our website. Visits to the school are welcomed.

Our Curriculum

Miss Boyle, our Deputy Headteacher, leads on curriculum developments at Marden Vale. If you have any questions about our curriculum please contact her via the school office.

Our curriculum is a complete 'learning package'. By that, we mean that it encompasses more than the curriculum outlined within the National Curriculum, taught through lessons and activities provided while children are at school. It also sets the tone, standards, quality and discipline of the school and the attitudes and values we wish to encourage. 


The curriculum at Marden Vale is equally concerned therefore, with personal qualities, behaviour and conduct, as well as the knowledge and skills the children should acquire. For this reason, we nurture and encourage:

  • friendship, responsibility, teamwork, respect and loyalty
  • politeness, courtesy, consideration and social awareness
  • high moral standards, good character and behaviour
  • qualities of curiosity, imagination, creativity and inventiveness
  • care for the school and the wider environment


To support parents to know how we teach certain aspects of our curriculum we run several parent workshops each year on a variety of themes to enable parents to support their children’s learning at home.

Educational Visits

Educational visits enable us to capitalize on a wealth of exciting and educational resources beyond our school. They provide a real opportunity to reinforce learning, widen horizons, develop new skills and engage in new experiences.


We also offer a residential visit for our year 6 children. This is for 5 days / 4 nights and is a wonderful opportunity for children to focus on particular skills within the context of an outdoor adventurous week.


In order to undertake visits and activities, we ask for voluntary donations from parents to cover costs. Voluntary contributions are requested to cover costs such as coach charges, admission fees, visiting companies’ charges and insurance. Parents are always advised in advance of such requests and provision is available for anyone having difficulty in affording to pay.


Physical Education and Games

The main aim of our P.E. programme is enjoyment of physical activity alongside improving skill, fitness, strength and agility. Our children take part in gymnastics, dance/movement, games, skills and athletics. Where possible we try to supplement our P.E. curriculum by taking advantage of opportunities offered to us to allow children to try different sports. There is also a full swimming programme at our local pool for Key Stage 2 children to ensure children are able to swim at least 25 metres by the end of year 6.


Extra Curricular Activities

The school provides a wide range of after school clubs and activities. At appropriate stages in their school life, children are actively encouraged to involve themselves in our programme. Extra curricular activities are seen as an important extension of school life where children can try things out, extend skills or compete in a structured and planned way. Teachers, classroom assistants, external agencies, parents and friends of the school are all involved in providing a range of activities that has included:





Where professional coaches are used there may be a charge to parents.