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Nelson Mandela - Year 5

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                             Class Teacher: Mrs Storrar                    Class TA:  Mrs Morris

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Value of the term: 



We are studying the book Wonder by RJ Palacio. We will be using this text to help us write a variety of genres including a narrative and formal letter.  Spellings this term will be split into three groups.  The aim for this term is to ensure all children have had an opportunity to catch up with any spellings they may have missed due to lockdown.  



We are focussing on a variety of skills this term, particularly the art of summarising.  We are continuing to read  The Clockwork Crow by Catherine Fisher.  A magical, mysterious thriller that has us well and truly hooked!



We are all about decimals this term! We will be learning about  decimals and percentages with a particular focus on how they relate to fractions.  We will be also be tightening our skills when using formal methods for the four operations!



This term we shall be exploring different habitats and different ways to classify a variety of animals.  We shall also be looking at how micro-organisms can spread and how to protect against harmful ones.


Geography- What is a River?

This is our key question for the term.  We shall be exploring how rivers change their course from source to mouth and  why they are important parts of the water cycle.



We shall be exploring the Hindu belief of Moksha and how there can be many pathways to reach this special goal.



This term we are focussing our skills on Athletics ready for the Olympics!



Bridge Building.  We shall be exploring what makes a good bridge and why before creating our very own sturdy bridge!



Changing me - this term shall be focussing on the emotional and physical changes we experience as we enter puberty.

Term 5


Value of the term: Compassion

Compassion is a feeling of sharing another's suffering that leads to a desire to help.



We are studying a picture called 'The Arrival' by Shaun Tan.  It is a multi-award -winning modern classic, which has been described as an extraordinary and iconic book.  Following that, we will be taking inspiration from 'Night Mail' by WH Auden, to write poetry about our school.



We are concentrating on the skills of predicting and inference this term.  The texts we will use to help us with this include The Wind In The Willows, The Storm Keeper's Island, Street Child and some science based texts.  We will finish reading Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl and we are really excited about reading The Clockwork Crow by Catherine Fisher.



We are all about fractions this term!  We will be learning about and comparing fractions, decimals and percentages.  We will be also be tightening our skills when using formal methods for the four operations!


ScienceChanging materials! 

We are changing materials by mixing them.  We will be able to rescue some but not others.  Reversible and irreversible changes are the top of our agenda.

How can you recover salt from a saline solution?


Geography- Across The Pond

We will be finding North America and comparing it to the UK and Calne.  We will then be organising a fund raising event to raise money for a local charity or organisation.



God- What does it mean if God is Holy and Loving?

We will learn how God is represented in the bible and by Christians during prayer and God's impact on Christian's lives.



This term we are learning to play handball (Olympic handball final 2016  ( brushing up on our netball skills.



This term we will be using the iPads to complete digital photography


Term 4 - We are Back!


We have hit the ground running since our return!  The children have as usual been amazing and have embraced the return to school with smiles and laughter! 


On our 2nd week back the children got to watch a theatre/interactive cinema production of the Wizard of Oz!  This was an awesome experience for everyone to experience especially in a time where we are not able to enjoy these things as easily.  The children loved it.


"I haven't smiled so much in ages. 

I couldn't stop smiling the whole way through!"





Our topic this term is Mystical Maya



The ancient game of Pok - A - Toc has been revived in Mandela Class with the children attempting to embrace the rules of only hitting the ball with your hip, knee or right elbow!  We concluded we may not have won any matches, but we had a lot of fun trying it out.


Did you know that the game was pretty dangerous back in the day.  We discovered that the ball was very heavy, weighing in at a whopping 3.5kg!  Many injuries occurred and sometimes players even died!  We also discovered that on occasions some of the losing team could be sacrificed!  We opted to test out the game with a lighter ball and no sacrifices!




Term 3 - Amazing Remote Learning Once Again


This term we have returned back after Christmas to a now strangely familiar way of working.  The children have completely blown me away with how brilliantly they have managed their transition back into online learning once again.


Despite the majority of the children learning from home we have still carried on with our planned topic of Britain at War and the children have been exploring WW2  in Topic work and English.  We have loved seeing the passion and interest the children have demonstrated throughout this learning.

Beautiful home learning for our Topic of Britain At War



Maths this term we have been focussed on Geometry and multiplication and division.  Learning how to use a protractor remotely is no easy feat, but all the children embraced it and were truly inspirational in their attempts to master this new skill.



Term 1 & 2


We were lucky enough to be selected to be the latest Mini Police recruits!  The children were really excited to be sworn in to becoming a fully fledged member.  We may have had to do it online, but we still took it very seriously!




During Terms 1 and 2 we have had some amazing fun really exploring our artistic sides!  We took part in Art Week where we explored the theme ‘Cityscape’ using different mediums and learning about different artists.


We even painted Christmas Cows in the style of Local Tewkesbury Artist Sam Morris


           Amelia’s Christmas Cow.                                                      Riley’s Christmas Cow