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With God, all things are possible - Matthew 19:26









Below is a suggested timetable to help guide your day. Don't forget to take regular breaks.

8.50 - Showbie Check-in for all students - Select this week's home learning and then Monday Check-in

9.00 - PE with Joe Wicks - Today Joe Wicks begins his PE lessons again. search for Joe Wicks PE on YouTube and join in Live!

9.30 - Reading - Read the passage in your pack or on Showbie. Make sure you answer the questions and upload a photo of your answers.

10.00 - Maths - Complete today's lesson. Remember to follow through the text book pages before completing and uploading your practice book.

11.00 - Writing - Today we are continuing our work on Journey by Aaron Becker

12.00 - Lunchtime!

1.00 - RE - This term we are learning about the Hindu faith. Don't forget to upload your work.

2.00 - Grammar - Complete today's lesson either in your pack or on Showbie.

2.30 - Story - Listen to the next chapter of the class story on Showbie or find a quiet area and read a book.

3.00 - End of the day!



Father God, 

Please give us the courage to do the best we can, 

to be kind and caring to all, 

to show understanding and respect to others.

We are thankful for all we have.



All tasks are on Showbie.


If you are having trouble accessing Showbie please email and I will try to help.