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Letter for helping your child complete work at home January update 2021

Welcome to your home school activities pack, as part of the support for your child while the school is closed we have given each of you a work pack so that a little work is done each day; Here is a recommendation for each day;  Early morning work; one piece of maths and one piece of English.  Then read a book with your child and ask them about the book, key comprehension questions are essential to support their learning and depth of understanding text.  There is a short handwriting exercise to do, some spellings and a 99 club set of questions to practise , one column each week and if you could test them on it at the end that would be great (they have a minute to complete the column at the end of each week). If you have any problems completing the work please don’t hesitate to contact me ; I know that some of the children may say that they can’t do the work but it is work that they can do and we have chosen this work because it is independent work that they do by themselves at school and home, the only difficulties they may have is with reading some of the instructions. Here are the weekly focus questions for comprehension …. Should you wish to do more I have added 4 and 5 to complete as extras. 1. Which characters would you like to meet in real life? Why? Draw what you would do together. 2. Describe your favorite part of the book. Draw it. 3. Was there anything in the book that surprised you? Draw it. 4. If one of the characters could come to your house for dinner, who would you like to have visit? What would you give them to eat, draw the picture. 5. If you had to pick one color to describe the book, what color would you pick? Why? Draw the picture of it!