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Weekly Update

Week 6: Week beginning 8th Feb

Our last week this term, We do look forward to seeing the work from those children working at home. Remember we are putting more on Showbie now that more pupils are accessing it. We need to see your work so don't forget to upload the pictures and videos of your working. Click onto the work set and write directly onto it and save it so we can see it too! 

Don't forget to schedule time every day to get outside for a walk or run.

The Joe Wicks workouts can be found on Youtube we have been very impressed at how well the pupils in school join in. It is important to exercise the body as well as the mind!

Week 5 1st-5th February

Well done to the children who have logged into Showbie and started to do work. I have seen some great photos and videos of pupils learning.

Now you have the log in to Showbie you are expected to check it and complete the assignments. Some such as the phonics may have activities which can be done over the whole week. Others have an activity which can be done in one day.

One very important folder is "Looking after yourself" In school PSHE is covered in weekly lessons and as part of everyday interactions. During Remote learning at least one activity a week will appear in this folder. It is aimed at helping the children focus on looking after their mental health, being able to recognise their own feelings in particular. Please complete these activities and evidence with a photo/ video/a drawing or piece of writing related to the task.

Stay happy and safe everyone!

Week 4 : 25th January

I have been spending time this week getting to grips with Showbie which is the platform used by the main school for home learning. The Hive class has been set up and you have all now been sent, via email, a username and password to gain access. I am thrilled that some of you have taken a look and really pleased to see photos of children doing their assignments. All documents can be written on using the on line tools. and saved so I can see your work.

The assignments at the moment are in subject folders but I am looking at the best way to organise this.

Due to the wide range of ages and abilities assignments are set mainly only for the appropriate children. Some such as assemblies are open to all. Bare with us as we build up the content.

Please let me know once you have watched a video or completed an assignment

Happy learning!

Week 3: 18th January 2021

In school we have some children in who are spending days learning in either Rainbow room or Sunshine. As well as covering the topics as seen on the website we are keeping up with play times and physical education. Don't forget to give your child time outside and completing physical exercises during their "school" time every day. These brain breaks are vital to their learning. If the weather is bad try putting on music to dance to or look at the many you tube exercise programmes for children.


5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 1 | The Body Coach TV  (Joe Wicks but in a 5 minute dose!)

Jungle Exercise for Kids | Indoor workout for Children | No Equipment PE Lesson for Kids ( 12 minutes )

We're Going on a Bear Hunt | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! {15 minutes -they have done this in school and enjoy it) 

Music is a fun addition to do at home. Find "instruments" around the home to experiment with making sounds.  Use anything you have to hand, a wooden spoon on a saucepan, put some dried pasta in a plastic tub as a shaker. Try making loud/ quiet sounds, fast/ slow sounds. Play along with songs they know.

Art  get out the crayons/ paint/ felt pens and encourage your child to get creative. Look out for magazines which your child can cut out and stick on to make a collage.

We are looking at how we can use "Showbie" which is the platform used by the the rest of the school. once we have put some content on we will send you a log in. 

Do let us know how you are getting on, take pictures/ videos of your child at work and send to the Rainbow email.

Keep safe all of you


Carolyn Bray  and Hive staff





 Term 3 Spring 2021

 Hopefully you are all safe and well. In school we quickly put together basic home practice packs with pencil/ cutting skills, phonics and maths activities. These should last over the next three weeks. I will be putting work onto the website for parents to use with their child which will cover a wider range of curriculum areas.

We have had a few children in school and are trying to make it as normal as possible for these children.

I have attached a list of some websites for you to use and will be adding to this through the term.

Parents of children who are staying at home will be contacted weekly to check you are all ok. Please use the email set up for any queries and to update me with your child's work.

Regards Carolyn Bray and the Hive team



Term 6 Week 2 June 8th

This week we are looking forward to welcoming more children back into school. The Resource base hours for most of the children will be 9 to 2:30. We are keeping apart from other “bubbles” of children around school, but it is unrealistic to expect complete social distancing within the class.

I have put home learning on this week as not all children are full time in this first week back. However, home learning on the website may look a little different from next week as it will be more useful to email parents directly with the work for their individual child. Therefore, please let me know if there are any particular resources you would like more of.

Thank you all so much for the amazing efforts you have put into your child’s education. We have loved seeing the photos and hearing the updates. You all deserve gold stars!!!



Term 6 Week 1 June 1st

As I write we are about to start the next phase in Lockdown schooling, this may not look very different for many children but there are plenty of changes going on!

June 1st is a day of preparation for staff without the children in school.

In the Resource Base the children who have been coming in will continue their half days this week and move to the longer day of 9 to 2:30 from June 8th. In the wider school We are expecting some children from Reception class then Year 1 and Year 6. Classes will be spread out through the school and kept apart as much as possible.

Parents have been asked how they feel about their child coming back into school and this is your personal judgement and choice. Please discuss with either me or Miss Weidner if you have any concerns. Home learning will continue on the website this term.

Hope you are all keeping safe and ready for another new term of learning!


Week 5

18th May

This is the final week of a very unusual term; unlike any teaching I have ever done in 35 years of teaching! We have had a small number of Resource base children in for mornings, initially for 3 mornings only which in the last couple of weeks was extended to 5 mornings. It has been wonderful to see the work done by the children at home and know they are continuing with their learning.

All our plans for next term depend very much on Government advice and staff availability.

At the moment the plan is that more children will be in school from June 2nd (Tuesday) with invitations to the relevant year groups to reintegrate into school. Monday 1st will be a staff day (no children) to sort out the school in readiness for the changes.

The school is staggering start and end times to enable social distancing. You will get a call later this week to discuss any possible changes to your child’s arrangements.

I would like to thank all the parents who have made tremendous efforts with home schooling. I have loved hearing all about how the children are progressing. We are missing them all so much!

Next term I will continue to put Home learning on the website for the children still isolating and make contact every week with the parents of children not in school.

Don't forget  the week beginning 25th May is the Spring holiday break. Relax, Keep safe and have fun.

It has been fabulous to see the photos and even video clips of you working from home. Well done to parents and children for keeping up with learning over this difficult time.

Some parents have given permission for the children’s work to go on the school Facebook page and this is great as this encourages children throughout the school.

Below are examples of work from rainbow class at home. Great work Julianna, Owen and Fred!


Home learning from Rainbow Class

Week 3 May 4th

It has been great to talk to parents every week and know how the children are getting on. I was very impressed with Owen’s animal fact file on Wolves. He had combined the learning from last term’s topic and our first story in our “Once upon a Time” topic. So far, I haven’t had any pictures of the houses made for the 3 Little Pigs, so the challenge has been extended to the end of this week.

Our new story is Goldilocks so you might like to do some cooking, try out porridge with your own combination of different added ingredients. Don’t forget to send me a photo!

Best wishes to you all, Stay safe!

Mrs Bray and The Rainbow Team


Week 2 April 27th

I hope you are all finding the suggestions for home learning useful. We would love to see how the children are progressing so do share pictures of them at work or of their work. Remember there are loads of links to websites on the Kids Zone area and Home Learning too.

Challenge this week

Please send me pictures of the cone characters from the Three Little pigs story and the houses you made for them. Remember you can make the houses out of anything you find at home or in the garden, not necessarily from straw, sticks and bricks you could use cereal boxes, tin cans, lego. If parents are happy to have the photos shared online then let me know.

Remember you could also post them on the Mardenvale facebook page!

I can't wait to see your efforts!

Best wishes Carolyn Bray and the Rainbow Team 

Term 5 April 2020

A new term starts Monday 20th April but as Lockdown is extended very few children will be in school and  learning will continue to take place in the home environment. Please take advantage of the email system put in place, to contact me with any queries or concerns and also to share your child's success.

The new topic this term is "Once upon a time" so will involve sharing familiar fairy stories and traditional tales. Each week I will put up suggestions for activities linked to different areas of learning. I have also prepared individual targets to send to each family for their particular child. (please email if you have not had these yet) As I am sure you are aware there is a wide range of ages and abilities within Rainbow class so the suggestions on the class pages may need more support or some extension to suit your particular child.

I am sharing the topic web which is a paired down version of what would have gone on in school.

Keep safe and stay in touch

To all the children _We miss you!!!!

best wishes from

Rainbow Staff team

Once Upon A Time topic web

Dear Parents and children, 

This week is the start of a difficult time for all of us and particularly your children who will not be able to understand what is going on and why they cannot be with their friends. All children will have come home with a pack last week in case of school closure. This is to keep them going over the last two weeks of the term. The letter also gives some ideas of activities to do with your child. Do not expect your child to want to work for long periods of time. Their day is chunked into different activities and never involves sitting at a desk and working for longer than 20 minutes. I suggest "playing" school. Do look at on line sites for visual timetables and resources. Do implement a reward chart with stickers!

There is no expectation for the packs to be completed over the Easter break. If the school is closed after Easter a further pack will be sent out. Over the next few days the Resource base team are taking part in on-line training and looking for resources for you to access. Please do email me at I want to know how you are all getting on!

Stay safe 

Carolyn Bray and RB team