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'With God, all things are possible.'Matthew 19:26

Welcome to Term 6 - From the 2nd June we are looking forward to receiving Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils back in school. For those not yet returning to school, home learning tasks will continue to be set using Showbie during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Our maths leader is Mrs Fox. Please contact the school office if you would like to discuss our maths programme with her.


Maths at Marden Vale


At Marden Vale academy, we follow the 'Mastery Model of Learning' when teaching maths. This means spending greater time going in to depth on each subject. Children will first become fluent in their mathematical skills before embedding these skills through reasoning and problem solving. We believe that pupils needs a firm understanding of mathematical concepts, and these are grasped through following a simple process identified by Bruner.



The use of equipment and hands-on apparatus is vital to a child’s understanding of a concept. Manipulatives are used across all year groups by all abilities.


The mastery curriculum we use means the following:

  • Teach less, learn more – focussed lessons, evidencing learning and progress.
  • No child being left behind – the majority of children are enabled to keep up every day.
  • Understanding real life applications – wherever possible for learning to be relevant and not abstract, to teach with a clear purpose.
  • Space and time – to experience and apply, with all children entitled to additional support to ensure they do not fall behind or to be challenged in their learning and go deeper with their understanding.


TAs run afternoon intervention sessions ensuring that children who didn’t quite understand the learning are retaught, and are ready for the following day’s lesson.