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Children at Marden Vale CE Academy will:


  • Become fluent in arithmetic and number knowledge.
  • Recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately
  • Experience varied and fluent practice and consolidation
  • Develop reasoning and problem solving skills
  • Understand mathematical language and use this to reason
  • Apply their mathematical knowledge and understanding to solve routine and non-routine problems


We want pupils to: ‘Love Maths, Talk Maths, Use Maths’




From FS2 to Year 6, children follow a mastery approach using the Power Maths scheme as the main driver which aligns with White Rose Maths.   It is important to us to use a range of rich, high quality resources, which provide children with the variation they need to flourish.


Fluency, reasoning and problem solving underpin the Maths curriculum at Marden Vale CE Academy and through careful planning and delivery, children work hard to develop their understanding through a range of concrete, pictorial and abstract concepts so that variation is understood.


Where appropriate, we also encourage children to use the skills they learn in Maths lessons across the rest of the curriculum. Wherever possible, we encourage the children to use and apply their learning in everyday situations.


All children work through the programme of study at broadly the same pace, however, pre-teaching, careful differentiation, support and scaffolding allow those working towards age related expectations more time and discussion of concepts in order to continue moving in line with their peers. For those children who show a greater understanding, our curriculum challenges them to delve deeper into an objective through rich and sophisticated language, problems and opportunities to explain and expand on their reasoning.


See Maths Policy for more detail




At Marden Vale CE Academy you will see:

  • Engaged, motivated children who are both supported and challenged
  • Lessons that use a range of concrete, pictorial and abstract resources to support learning
  • Children who demonstrate quick recall of facts and procedures, showing arithmetic fluency
  • Children with the flexibility and fluidity to move between different contexts and representations  of maths
  • Children who have the skills to solve problems by applying mathematics to different situations with increasing efficiency
  • A high level of pride in the presentation of work




Pupils who: ‘Love Maths, Talk Maths, Use Maths’



Marden Vale Maths Day 2021


On Thursday 27th May the whole of Marden Vale took part in a day to celebrate Maths. During the day all classes learnt about mathematics through a variety of activities and hands on experiences. There was learning about mass through weighing and cooking; length through measuring and drawing; capacity through pouring, creating and measuring; shape and pattern through designing and construction. A great day was had by all as we learned to ‘Love Maths, Talk Maths, Use Maths’


Also leading up to this we had a TT Rockstars and Numbots competition where every child tried to earn as many points as possible to become their class winners and to receive a prize. Well done to everybody and every class as lots of points were earned. 






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