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Emmeline Pankhurst - Year 5/6

Pankhurst Class


Welcome to Pankhurst class.

We are a mixed Year 5 and 6 class taught by Mr Nightingale.


Term 6


Value of the term: Courage

Courage is the quality of being ready and willing to face negative situations involving something you are unsure of.



We are studying the book Wonder by RJ Palacio. We will be using this text to help us write a variety of genres including a narrative and formal letter.  Spellings this term will be split into three groups.  The aim for this term is to ensure all children have had an opportunity to catch up with any spellings they may have missed due to lockdown.  



We are focussing on a variety of skills this term- particularly the art of summarising.  We are continuing to read  The Clockwork Crow by Catherine Fisher.  A magical, mysterious thriller- we can't wait to find where Tomos has been!



Year 5 are finishing off their learning on fractions before moving onto converting units and then finishing with volume and capacity.  Year 6 will be learning how to measure the area of triangles before learning about the properties of shapes and finishing with statistics.



This term we shall be exploring different habitats and different ways to classify a variety of animals.  We will also be looking at how micro-organisms can spread and how to protect against harmful ones.


Geography- What is a River?

This is our key question for the term.  We shall be exploring how rivers change their course from source to mouth and  why they are important parts of the water cycle.



We shall be exploring the Hindu belief of Moksha and how there can be many pathways to reach this special goal.



This term we are focussing our skills on Athletics ready for the Olympics!



Bridge Building.  We shall be exploring what makes a good bridge and why before creating our very own sturdy bridge!



Changing me - this term shall be focussing on the emotional and physical changes we experience as we enter puberty.



If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to email using the following

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We will try and respond as soon as we can between the hours of 8.30am and 4.30pm



Mr Nightingale