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Charles Dickens - Year 4

Welcome to Dickens Class. We are a Year 4 class taught by Miss Hagley and Miss Burgess.






Who was Charles Dickens?



Term 1 - Autumn 1 2021


Welcome back everyone. We hope you have had a wonderful holiday and managed to have fun, laughter and some relaxation. We are looking forward to an exciting term ahead as we start our Year 4 journey.


Value of the Term - Trust


Writing -  This term we will be creating some poetry and persuasion writing using the book The Promise by Nicola Davies and Laura Carlin where we will be thinking about the environment around us. Following this we will be using Jane Considine's 'The Write Stuff' to sentence stack and write an explanation about the 'Street Beneath My Feet' and finishing by writing a narrative based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Reading - Our whole class reading book is Bill's New Frock by Anne Fine. We will be exploring the story through the language, structure and word choices.


Maths - We will be continuing to use Power Maths and first focusing on place value of four digit numbers where we will be recognising the place value of each digit, ordering and comparing numbers, rounding numbers to 10, 100 and 1000 and counting in multiples of 1000 and 25,   


Alongside this, we will be practising our multiplication facts up to 12 x 12 as by the end of Year 4 pupils should be able to recall all multiplication facts. They will also be tested on these in June.


Science - Our new topic this term is 'States of Matter' where we will be learning about solids, liquids and gases, how materials change state as well as the water cycle.


R.E.  - In Religious Education we will be learning about the Creation story and what Christians learn from this.


PSHE - We will be following the Jigsaw scheme and thinking about being a class team and a school citizen.


P.E. - This term P.E. will be on Tuesday and Thursday and we ask children to come into school already in their school P.E. kits. On Tuesday we will be developing our outdoor adventurous activities through team building and orienteering and on Thursday with PH Sports the children will be learning about fitness.


D.T. - We will be developing our sewing skills this term in Design Technology by investigating, making and evaluating juggling balls.


Geography - We will be learning about megacities and focusing on the features of Baghdad, Brasilia and Milton Keynes and why they are megacities.


Music -  As part of our music learning we will be listening, appreciating, singing, improvising and performing music by Abba.


French - Our modern foreign language learning will be focused on classroom instructions, my body, actions, colours and clothes.



Reading - For homework your child should be reading for 10 minutes a day at least five days a week. This needs to be recorded in their reading record and signed by an adult.

Spellings - Set on a Friday on Showbie. If your child requires a paper copy then they need to ask for one and it needs to be returned the following Friday.

Maths - TT Rockstars. Your child should be practising the times tables set on their account at least twice a week for 10 minutes. If they are unable to access this online then they can take a paper copy home on a Friday to use as practice and return the following Friday.

LAST YEAR 2020-21

Maths Day

On Thursday 27th May we took in Maths Day where the whole day involved lots of maths skills and activities. We weighed ingredients and baked savoury and sweet treats; we created our own delicious cocktails and we explored the mass and capacity of different bags and containers. Then we finished the day with a little party so we could eat the treats we made. We all had a great day. 

Value of the term: Courage

What is courage? Have you shown courage? Who have you seen showing courage? When do we need to be brave?

Term 6 - Summer 2 



This term we are writing a narrative base on the story ‘Star in the Jar’ by Sam Hay. Then we are going to be writing a newspaper report using the book ‘The Wizards of Once’ by Cressida Cowell who also wrote ‘How to train your Dragon’. We will then apply this to writing reports about the Tokyo Olympics. 



In whole class reading this term we are continuing with the book 'The Abominables' to answer comprehension and inference questions. Don't forget to ask us about the story and what is happening to the characters.



This term we are learning about money, how to convert between pounds and pence as well as find totals and change. We are then going to learn about statistics and using graphs to represent this. After that we will be learning about length and using it to measure and to finish the term we will be learning about shape and angles.



In Science we will be learning about light. What do we already know? How do we see? Did you know light travels faster than sound?



In RE we are learning about Judaism.



P.E. will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and we will be developing our athletic skills on a Tuesday with Miss Hagley and then on Wednesday we are developing our skills with a coach from pH Sports.



We are going to be learning about mechanisms and levers to create a moving poster.



As part of geography we are going to be completing a study of our local area and how it has changed. 

Term 5 - Summer 1 2021

This term our topic is the local area. Watch this space to see what we find out about Calne.



This term we are have been writing a poem based on a river. It is very tricky to try and keep the lines short and make the second and fourth line rhyme. Then we are going to be writing a narrative about a flood using the picture book by Alvaro F.Villa



In whole class reading this term we are using the book 'The Abominables' to answer comprehension and inference questions. Don't forget to ask us about the story and what is happening to the characters.



This term we are finishing our learning on fractions where we will be learning to compare, add and subtract fractions. Then we will be looking at formal methods of multiplying and dividing numbers. Lots of times tables practice needed first.



In Science we will be learning about sound. What do we already know? How do we hear?



In RE we are continuing our learning of the Christian faith and the importance of water and baptism along with the Holy Trinity.



In P.E. we are taking part in Kwik Cricket sessions on a Tuesday that are being led by a coach from Wiltshire cricket and then on Wednesday we are developing our netball skills with a coach from pH Sports.



We are investigating colour mixing and then will be using it to paint our own landscapes of the local area after we have studied the Bath artist Peter Brown.

What do you know about Charles Dickens? What was he famous for?



Value of the term - Respect

What is respect? How can you show respect to yourself? How can you show respect to others? Who have you seen showing respect?

Term 4 - Spring 2 2021

It is great to be back in school finally and all be together.

This term our topic is 'Romans'. We are going to learn who they were and why they invaded as well as the impact they had on Britain.



This term we are writing a holiday brochure about 'Sicily' To start our unit we had an experience day where we flew to Italy and experienced some of it's sights, sounds and tastes. 



This term we are learning about fractions, which are part of the whole. The 'numerator' is how many parts of the whole we have and the 'denominator' is how many part the whole is divided into. Ask us about fractions as we are going to learn a lot.



In Science we will be learning about 'Rocks and Soils'. Do you know the three different types of rock formation? 



In RE we are learning about 'Holy Week' and the importance of Easter to Christians.



In P.E. on Wednesday we are starting to learn netball skills with a coach from pH Sports and on Fridays we are looking at improving our fitness.


Value of the term - Perseverance

What is perseverance? How have you shown perseverance? Who have you seen showing perseverance?

Term 3 - Spring 1 2021

This term our topic has been 'Bottoms, Burps and Bile' where we have been learning about the digestive system. We have learnt about this through reading, writing and Science. 



Did you know?

  • There are three types of teeth: canines, molars and incisors
  • The small intestine is nearly 7m long when unravelled!
  • Stools take 36 hours to pass through the colon (large intestine)


This term we have all written a narrative based on the picture book 'Journey' by Aaron Becker. We have been sentence stacking the story using The Write Stuff planning by Jane Considine. 


We have learnt to develop expanded noun phrases. punctuate dialogue, use adverbials and use synonyms. 


At the end we either re-wrote the part of the story we sentence stacked as a class, continued and finished the story or the whole story with changes. 



We started the term learning about multiplication and division, in particular using multiples of 3, 4 and 8. We learnt to apply our knowledge of these multiples to multiply and divide by 3,4 and 8. Did you know that if you know your x2 multiplication facts you can double facts to get the answers to x4 facts.


In addition we learnt about fact families. We used arrays and looked at groups of numbers. We found out we can use one multiplication sentence and apply this knowledge to more multiplication and division sentences e.g. 3x4 = 12, 4x3 = 12, 12÷3 = 4 and 12÷4 = 3


Currently we are learning to tell the time to: o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past and to five minutes. 



We are learning about teeth, eating and digestion. We have started to use the online platform 'Developing Experts'.



In RE we have been learning about the Hindu faith, specifically at how important pilgrimage is and the River Ganges.



In PE due to lockdown we are staying fit with Joe Wicks on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We are also following virtual PE lessons provided by pH Sports who we would have had in school delivering lessons to us. To aid our well-being and mindfulness we are also completing Cosmic yoga sessions. 



Colour mixing had to change due to lockdown so now we are sketching our facial features thinking about shape, tone and shade. 

If you have any questions or concerns then please don't hesitate to email us using the following email: