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Rainbow Class Spring Newsletter

          We’ve had a busy Spring Term in Rainbow class with a focus on seeds, plants and growing things. Together we dug our planters in the playground, where we planted a variety of seeds. We hope they grow well and give us some salad and flowers.

           We’ve been working hard on our cookery skills too, especially on sandwich making for the summer months. We have all improved our spreading and cutting skills and several pupils can make a sandwich independently now. We’ve also had a go at making bread, fruit salad and decorating biscuits. We love cooking in Rainbow because it’s a really practical life-skill that helps us practice our Maths and Communication.

            To help keep us healthy we’ve had weekly sessions with football trainer Jamie, who has taught us some new games and activities. We’ve also had lots of opportunities to ride trikes and scooters which we love.

            We will continue our Topic of ‘Growing Things’ by looking at tadpoles and caterpillars over the next few weeks. We will also be going to Brokerswood for our summer trip, which we hope will be a lovely opportunity for outdoor learning and fun.



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