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The Nurture Room


Creative Learning:

Our topic this term is ‘The Romans’. We will be discovering about life in Roman times through a creative learning approach. This approach encapsulates all curriculum subjects to enable the children to develop a broad range of knowledge.

We will be writing our own stories, based in Roman times, which will not only be factual but also imaginative. We will be designing and making our own Roman shields and also, creating some exciting Roman dishes from the famous ‘Apicius’ cookery recipes, written in the 5th century by the famous Roman gourmet Marcus Garius Apicius.


Learning Outside the Classroom:

The focus in LOTC is to develop confidence, resilience, emotional literacy and social skills.  Through a practical approach on Fry’s Farm, the children develop many important life skills. Caring for our animals is an important part of our day and the children work hard to ensure all the animals’ needs are met. Jobs on the farm include:

  • Cleaning out animal cages.
  • Feeding the animals.
  • Taking the small animals to their runs for daily exercise.
  • Walking the giant rabbits on harnesses
  • Walking the ferrets in our wonderful wildlife area.
  • Feeding all animals and removal of old food.
  • Writing care plans.
  • Fundraising.


Morning Jobs:

Each morning, the children are given a morning task to complete. The purpose of this is to develop responsibility; life skills; problem solving skills and confidence. The jobs are completed for the duration of one week and then swapped the following week (Boxall profile linked).

Morning tasks include:

  • Making porridge
  • Class administrator
  • Breakfast monitor
  • Jobs on Fry’s Farm


Each child is given an individual targeted activity to complete each morning which is linked to their last assessment. The children are learning to use and apply their knowledge to help them solve real life word problems.

We are also developing our x tables in the Nurture Room and play x table bingo each morning before our main Numeracy task. This not only helps us develop as mathematicians but also helps us to develop patience, to cope with disappointments and our listening skills.


Social Time:

Each morning is completed by social and story time. The first 15 minutes allows the children to play games together to help them develop important life and social skills. The children will learn to take turns; share; problem solve and to manage their emotions. This learning time is carefully monitored and assessed by the Nurture Staff who also play with the children and model how to play together. Social time is followed by story time where the children listen to a story to develop imagination and the enjoyment of reading.


Afternoon Specialised Interventions:

The Nurture Room runs a social and emotional intervention every afternoon on Fry’s Farm. This helps the children to develop their confidence, participation and problem solving skills with the aim to transfer this learning into all aspects of their home/school life.



Homework is set in the Nurture Room. It is given out every Friday and is handed in each Thursday. Homework consists of a spelling exercise; sentence work and a Maths worksheet.


Mini Beast Hunt - May 2016

Mini Beast Hunt - May 2016 1
Mini Beast Hunt - May 2016 2
Mini Beast Hunt - May 2016 3
Mini Beast Hunt - May 2016 4
Mini Beast Hunt - May 2016 5
Mini Beast Hunt - May 2016 6
Mini Beast Hunt - May 2016 7
Mini Beast Hunt - May 2016 8

I can Mark and Measure

I can Mark and Measure 1
I can Mark and Measure 2
I can Mark and Measure 3
I can Mark and Measure 4
I can Mark and Measure 5
I can Mark and Measure 6
I can Mark and Measure 7
I can Mark and Measure 8
I can Mark and Measure 9

Parents Morning 12.2.2016

Parents Morning 12.2.2016 1
Parents Morning 12.2.2016 2
Parents Morning 12.2.2016 3
Parents Morning 12.2.2016 4
Parents Morning 12.2.2016 5
Parents Morning 12.2.2016 6
Parents Morning 12.2.2016 7
Parents Morning 12.2.2016 8

Topic work on the Romans

Topic work on the Romans 1
Topic work on the Romans 2
Topic work on the Romans 3
Topic work on the Romans 4
Topic work on the Romans 5
Topic work on the Romans 6
Topic work on the Romans 7

Three Billy Goats Gruff

Three Billy Goats Gruff 1
Three Billy Goats Gruff 2
Three Billy Goats Gruff 3
Three Billy Goats Gruff 4
Three Billy Goats Gruff 5
Three Billy Goats Gruff 6
Photographs from the Nurture Room - September to November 2015
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11