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Welcome back - we are very excited about all the learning opportunities planned for Term 2

British Values

British Values


How do we promote them?


-Democracy is an important part of our whole school values

-Elected school councillors

-Debates and discussions in assemblies and in classrooms

Rule of law

-Our high expectations for behaviour are set out in our behaviour policy

-One of our core values is respect. Through our assemblies and other activities we encourage our children to behave respectfully. We seek to develop a strong sense of morality in school.

-Participation in citizenship opportunities such as cycling proficiency, “Beat the street” walking scheme.

Individual liberty

-Through discussion of the values of aspiration and responsibility we encourage all of our children to make the most of opportunities and to follow their interests and passions.

-Children are taught to keep themselves safe in assemblies and workshops delivered by outside agencies such as the NSPCC.

-‘Open classroom’ mornings and sharing assemblies are used to celebrate effort and achievement

-Clear and concise behaviour and anti-bullying policies are in place and understood by the children and all stakeholders

-A range of extra-curricular clubs are offered

Mutual respect and tolerance of other faiths

-Diversity is a core school value

-Children are taught about “rights and responsibilities” during whole school assemblies.